2017 Grammy’s Top 5 Extravagant Outfits

Melissa Estrada , Section Editor

Every year, fans await to watch their favorite celebrities walk the red carpet and perform at the annual Grammy’s Award Show. Celebrities choose to take this opportunity to express themselves through their fashion. Here are some of the top celebrity looks that caught the attention of millions.


  1. Cee Lo Green

Gnarly Davidson, also known as Cee Lo Green, made his first appearance at the red carpet. Dressed from head to toe in gold, fans described this look as outrageous and even went as far as comparing him to a Ferrero Rocher chocolate later on Twitter. Green went on to explain that this was the opportunity to show this new persona to the world and has now taken this new identity and applied it to his musical career.  



  1.  Joy Villa

Singer and songwriter, Joy Villa, showed up in an all white drape-like cover up and revealed her support for Trump through her dress: a dress with the slogan “Make America Great Again” with “Trump” written on it. Viewers criticized her dress as a publicity stunt to gain attention. After her appearance, it is said that Trump supporters looked into her songs, which caused a rise on the billboard charts.



  1. Girl Crush

Girl Crush, a pop singer, caught the eyes of thousands at this year’s red carpet by appearing in a two-piece outfit. She wore a pink bandeau paired with a skirt composed colorful plastic balls attached to it. This outfit resembles a ball pit to some, and for others it was a fun approach to show off her character.



  1. Beyonce

After recently announcing her pregnancy with twins, people were excited to see what Beyonce would wear, especially during her performance. Her ensemble during her performance is what astonished the viewers and crowd. This Peter Dundas gown was embellished with many crystals and paired with large gold jewelry. To top off this look, she wore a large golden headpiece. She has previously said that she gets inspired by goddesses like Venus and this ensemble definitely portrays it.



  1. Lady Gaga

Gaga decided to appear in a very rock look inspired by her performance with Metallica. She wore an Alex Ulichny ensemble: a revealing leather top with spikes, leather shorts with chains, fishnets, and thigh-high large heels. She topped off her look with Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses and styled her blonde-pink hair in a high ponytail.