The Golden Globes had a Golden Night

Nicole Najera , Writer


A night full of surprising moments, much tears and heartfelt moments is how I would describe this year’s Golden Globes.A great amount across the country, including me, tuned in Sunday night to witness this night full of elegance and gratitude towards Hollywood’s biggest names. The 74th annual Golden Globes highlighted the great moments in television and the big screen in 2016, handing out awards such as best actor and actress of the year in a drama motion picture and the best motion picture of year.


The diversity of actors, actresses, directors, composers, and screenplay writers was truly inspiring and quite pleasing to see, just like Meryl Streep mention in her acceptance speech following her winning the Cecil B. DeMille Award. Streep went on to mention several actors such as Ruth Negga, Dev Patel, Amy Adams and Natalie Portman and their upbringings to express how everyone in hollywood is not exactly from Hollywood. It was a grand night where everyone was able to share joy with one another and see their hard work appreciated.


Dedication, long hours and sweat per say goes into these all these productions and the Hollywood Foreign Press made sure it was noticed. La La Land, among many amazing movies that were brought out in 2016, swept the leaderboard with seven golden globes including best musical or comedy motion picture. Two of these seven awards were handed out to Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling for best actor and actress in a motion picture, musical or comedy which came to no surprise for anyone who has seen La La Land. Director of the film, Damien Chazelle, won an award for best director in a motion picture and for the film’s screenplay.


This year’s Golden Globes shed some much needed attention on movies that excelled in greatness this year. Moonlight, winner of the golden globe for best drama motion picture, is just one of these movies. It focuses on the life a young man dealing with hardships at home and growing up in the city of Miami during the war on drugs.


Other movies under this category are Manchester by the Sea and Elle. The films’ protagonists won best actor and actress for their performances in these films. Casey Affleck, recipient of the best actor award, did an outstanding job in Manchester by the Sea in which he is called upon to be his nephews new legal guardian following his brother’s death.


Another amazing performance was made this year in the film, Elle, by Isabelle Huppert who plays a businesswoman who was raped in her home and now has sick plan to get her revenge for the crime committed.

Overall I say this year’s Golden Globes was one of the best in these recent years. It was so diverse and rich in talented artist from all across the spectrum. Also various films and individuals were highly appreciated which is what I think is needed in these days to motivate anyone out there with their focus in the arts to continue, for their work will be can be appreciated by everyone.