Beach Goth Vs Unexpected Turns and Jaw-Dropping Performances

Taylor Harrison , Social Media Manager

The fifth annual music festival, Beach Goth, attracted fans of all genres of music on Saturday, Oct. 22 and Sunday, Oct. 23 at the Observatory in Orange County. From indie rock artist King Krule to hip hop artist Gucci Mane, people who attended waited for their most-loved artist in harsh weather and intense crowds.

After seeing the lineup, music-lover and Beach Goth V goer, Suzette Soto, 12, knew that this year was going to be different and instantly wanted to attend.

“I wasn’t able to go last year because I had other plans but looking at the lineup, there was definitely more iconic artist and bands such as TLC, Patti Smith, and Bon Iver,” Soto said. “It was something new as opposed to the underground artists that only that scene is familiar with.”

In addition to the long awaited performances by iconic artists and bands, the unexpected rainy weather on the second day of the festival disappointed Magdalena Castillo, 12.

“The rain on the second day caught everyone off guard and it was obvious the Observatory staff was confused on how to handle it,” Castillo said. “The outdoor RX Stage was closed around 4 or 5 and the acts were supposed to perform in the Observatory which was a mess.”

Indie rock artist Archy Marshall, also known as King Krule, traveled from the UK to the Observatory in Orange County. When he announced that he would be releasing a new album and played two new songs, the crowd went wild. They remain untitled, but fans are excited to hear what is up and coming for the UK artist.

Fan of King Krule and music-lover Angel Martinez, 12, was anxious to watch the headliner’s performance at Beach Goth.

“I freaked out when he performed his new song because I’m such a huge fan of his but so many people were pushing into an overcrowded stage that he shouldn’t have even played at,” Martinez said. “I got to meet him though and it was super cool.”

Justice, TLC, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Future Islands, Spooky Black, HOMESHAKE, The Drums, and many other artists and bands also performed this year at Beach Goth.

Despite the unforeseen circumstances, the enjoyable atmosphere satisfied people attending. Beach Goth 2016 was a place where people with the same passion and love for music could hang out, meet new people and listen to some of their favorite artists live.