Song of the Week: Starboy by The Weeknd

Nicole Najera, Writer

Abel Tesfaye, most famously known as The Weeknd, has had all of us anxiously waiting for his new album and finally gave a sneak peek with the release of his new song “Starboy” on Sept. 21.“Starboy” has a very upbeat melody to it, making it very catchy and likable. The Weeknd has again succeeded in making another chart topping single, although different to the slow R&B style we are used to, he has still managed to get us addicted to his new sound. In the song, The Weeknd is talking about his “flashy cars and hefty pockets”. In other words he is describing his lavish style of living and how he is using his money. “Bought momma a crib and a brand new wagon” explains how he can now buy his mom a new house and car to accompany it.

Ultimately, The Weeknd has, unsurprisingly, done it again. I have been a very the big fan of the Weeknd for a while and for me I knew his new sound was going to be a success. I think many people like the Weeknd for the same reason I do: anyone can relate to his music when it comes to relationships. He has a song for every mood and stage we face during a relationship and conveys his message through catchy songs. It seems as it is almost nothing to Tesfaye how he can so easily get everyone up to dance with his new tune.