Montze Mendoza, Staff Writer

California natives, Paige and Chase Duddy, make up the brother and sister duo of indie pop band XYLØ. The duo took their band name from the license plate of their xylophone playing grandfather. The pair insist that they are not a family band, due to only making one song in their youth and also due to the ten year age difference. XYLØ recently released an EP entitled “America” on Feb. 26. They describe their music as “dark pop” as the entire EP is filled with haunting vocals and moody instrumentals. The song “America” is cloudy and emotional, and was written by lead singer Paige for a boyfriend that was being deported from California due to an expired visa. The first verse of “America” are painfully honest. “Real life is make believe / All that glitters isn’t gold for me / Save me from everyone.” The video that accompanies the song is quite creepy and cool, and has a bit of a dystopian vibe to it. Listening to the entire EP is calming; the songs flow together well and are crafted expertly. There is feeling and emotion in every song and each one tells a different story. The duo is working on their debut album and have an upcoming show at The Constellation Room, near The Observatory, in Santa Ana on April 8th.