Everybody Wants the Strut’s New Album

Miranda Ramirez, Editor-In-Chief

To debut their band in the United States, The Struts, release their new song, “Only Just a Call Away” on Feb. 26 from their new album Everybody Wants which was released on March 6.

The band made their grand entrance into the music world when they opened for the Rolling Stones in 2014. Their album, Everybody Wants was originally released in England in 2014.  It topped charts and it is where they started to slowly make their way into American culture by releasing EPs like “Could Have Been Me,” which immediately appealed to audiences across America. The song begins very soft and slow then escalates into a total classic rock and roll sounding song. “I need to know that I’ve got you with me no matter what they say I’ll be only just a call away” are the lyrics sung by Luke Spiller, the lead vocalist, that attract me to the song.  To me, these lyrics mean that no matter what other people say, there will always be someone you can always rely on no matter how near or far they are. This song will no doubt, bring out your inner rocker. The band is heavily influenced by bands like Queen and The Rolling Stones. The Struts are definitely bringing back good, classic rock styled music.