Montze Mendoza, Staff Writer

Up and coming R&B artist and Multi-Platinum songwriter, 24 year old Dean, recently released the single, “what2do”, on January 27. The song features R&B artists Crush and Jeff Bernat. The song itself is only a single, since Dean is currently working on his album, which does not yet have a release date. He has attracted the attention of several established artists such as Mila J, Anderson Paak, and Eric Bellinger. He discovered his love and talent for singing by creating beats and melodies at 18. “Now having written chart toppers for K-pop boy bands such as Vixx and EXO, DEAN has already proven himself as a successful hit maker considering the K-pop hit “Growl” for EXO sold over ONE million units in 2013,” states his official website. “what2do” is a slow and simple song, but it has a great amount of sincerity and meaning with hints of regret and sadness. The song has a very deep meaning and is more than just a love song. “My sighs build up like the sand in an hourglass, On the other hand, my expectations for you are slowly decreasing, I believed in you when you gave awkward excuses, saying you’re busy.” I really love this song, because there is so much emotion that you can hear in each of the artists’ voices.