f(X) Four Walls

Montzerratt Mendoza, Staff Writer

An aesthetically pleasing video for South Korean girl pop group f(x) titled “4 Walls” was released on Oct. 26 on several social media outlets. This video marks the first official release for the group after the departure of former member, Sulli. The promotions for the quartet which consists of members, Amber, Luna, Victoria, and Krystal, have not only included photoshoot teasers for each member, but also an exhibit in an art gallery located in the Itaewon district of Seoul. The exhibit, simply named 4 Walls: An Exhibit, featured each teaser on one wall for each member. The song itself has a much more laid-back and melancholic feel, with a 70s vibe, which I really like because it’s a different sound that I haven’t heard in past years. “Love is four walls, the mirror that’s filled up by you, love is four walls, the mysterious maze,” are the four-lined lyrics that lead the chorus. The video was shot in Jeju Island and has an other dimension like feel that helps bring the dreamy and astral vibe that “4 Walls” has. Although the song is in Korean, and a lot of people seemed to be turned off by it, the song is a complete jam and is worth a listen, and so is the video. The video has a beautiful color palette and also tells an interesting story.