Alessia Cara is Here

Fatima Rosas, Managing Editor

Born and raised in Brampton, Canada, 19 year old, singer and songwriter Alessia Caracciolo, also known by her stage name Alessia Cara, she has manage to trend in a short period of time, ranking 11th place on the iTunes charts, with her hit single, “Here”, from her EP album titled, Four Pink Walls, which was released on Aug. 26


“Here” captures essence of being stuck in an uncomfortable situation, in this case a house party:

“I just came to kick it but really

I would rather be at home all by myself in this room

With people who don’t even care about my well-being.”


While everyone there is drinking and smoking, she realizes that staying home would have been a better option for her, because what is the point of being stuck in a room with people who are giving up their life for 30 seconds of fun.


Cara is soon to debut her album Know-It-All on Nov. 13 Her fan base is quickly growing on social media with now more than 143k followers on Twitter, and appearance on the Ellen show back on Oct. 28 and as Taylor Swift’s special guest for the night on Oct. 31

In all the song “Here” is a very smooth, up beat ballad, which teaches that life is not about parties and this crazy life we create for ourselves, but instead being with the ones who care for us. As a fan, I hope to see more of Cara, as well as to see her thrive.