The Thrill in Sunset Strip

Alyssa Vega, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Steven Baigelman, the creator and executive producer of the new ABC television series Wicked City has audiences wanting more from the first episode that was aired on Tues., Oct. 27.


Wicked City takes place during 1982, where two LAPD detectives (Jeremy Sisto and Gabriel Luna) search for a romantic couple who are serial killers (Ed Westwick and Erika Christensen). Police detectives, drug dealers, and journalists each help find the terrorizing serial killers on the Sunset Strip.


“I didn’t know what to expect watching the first episode,” senior, Gerardo Flores, said. “Overall it had a suspenseful plot and Ed Westwick played a great character.”


Ed Westwick, from the late television show Gossip Girl plays a creepy-evil character in the new television series. The character Kent Grainger is a smooth-talking serial killer who finds naïve party girls to kill.


“It’s kind of weird,” senior, Vanessa Perea, said, “to see the same guy who played Chuck Bass play a character who is a serial killer.”


The idea of 1982, Sunset Strip, drugs, sex, and rock and roll makes the show different from other crime thrillers.


Betty and Kent are not that different from other couples, besides from being serial killers.


“Kent and Betty are two people who want the same thing as anybody else, which is love and connection, the idea of family, the love of children,” the creator Baigelman said, “In a lot of ways, what we’ve tried to do is create characters who, aside from the fact that they’re serial killers, are just like us.”


The intense series of suspense and thrill of Wicked City has 10 episodes for the first season and airs on Tues. nights at 9 p.m.