The Scream Contest

Fatima Rosas, Managing Editor

From the creators of Glee and American Horror Story comes the new hit show Scream Queens that will keep audiences on their toes. First episode aired on Tues., Sept. 22 on Fox and left fans in a shocking state after seeing the intense episode. Producers Ryan Murphy, Brad Faichuck, and Ian Brennan have gathered celebrities such as Emma Roberts (Chanel), Lea Michele (Hester), Ariana Grande (Chanel#2), Jamie Lee Curtis (Cathy Munsch), Keke Palmer (Zayday), Nick Jonas (Boone), Abigail Bresling (Chanel #5), and Skyler Samuels.


The story takes place in Wallace University with a popular sorority named Kappa Kappa Tau, which is ruled by a rich Emma Roberts, playing Skyler Samuels, also known as Grace Gardner in the show. Her roommate Keke Palmer (Zayday) decide to join in order to find out more about Gardern’s deceased mother. Gardner, alongside roommate Zayday, decides to change things back around after seeing Chanel’s mistreatments against the other girls in the sorority, thinking all it takes is to say your plans but, it is harder to go with them, but it is soon too late as many bumps rise along the way and people begin to get killed.


“All characters that die, will come back later on the season,” Melissa Diaz said.


Ariana Grande (Chanel #2) and Nick Jonas, also known as Boone, are the first ones to be killed by this mysterious red devil throughout the season these characters will try to figure out who the killer is and why this person has chosen to go after the popular sorority.


“I think the next person to be killed is the Candle blogger, ” Arturo Vega said. “She’s more of weak link- nothing really special about her.”


Additional deaths during the first episode were Jan Hoag as Ms. Bean, Kappa Kappa’s housemaid, who was killed during the first episode as part of Chanels prank in order to scare the pledges away. Chanel manages to make the pledges into helping her hide the body away, but towards the end, when she goes back to check on the body, it turns up to be missing.


“I’m not a very big fan of the show since it’s very cliché and predicable,” Melissa Guevara said. “We all know how it is going to end… someone who was not excepted, or a pledge from past years is probably the killer wanting revenge.”


Fans have started to create their own conjectures. The most popular being Cathy Munsch, the school’s director, going after them, seeing that she has a dislike for Chanel because of how much she is able to get away from, due to her dad being a contributor to the University. The audience will have to see and wait to find out if their theories are correct. Will you pledge?