FROOT-ful charm

Carlos Garcia, Staff Writer

On Mon., Mar. 16, Welsh singer Marina Diamandis, most famously known as Marina and the Diamonds, released her third studio album: FROOT. With successful previous releases such as The Family Jewels and Electra Heart, Diamandis hoped for her third release to depict a more accurate representation of herself. The album was to be released on Apr. 3, but came sooner than expected due to leaks. To promote her third album, Diamandis conducted a “Froot of the Month,” releasing a song each month leading up to the release date. “Froot,” the album’s upbeat title track, was released as the first single on Nov. 11. The tracklist and the album cover were then confirmed soon after. December’s Froot of the Month was a piano ballad titled “Happy,” then “Immortal” in January. The promotion was supposed to be a six-month process, but due to internet leaks in Feb., it was cut short to five songs. The album was then scheduled to be released on Mar. 16. February’s release was an emotional, but upbeat song “I’m a Ruin,” with the final March release of a dance-y track titled “Forget.” In the last twelve days leading up to the release of FROOT, Diamandis promoted and premiered each song online on websites such as Yahoo! Music and Teen Vogue. After a two-year absence, Diamandis makes a great comeback with playful songs like “Blue” and “Can’t Pin Me Down”. In “Savages,” she questions the human race with lyrics like, “Underneath it all we’re just savages/ Hidden behind shirts, ties, and marriages.” While the album is much different from her previous releases; Marina Diamandis does not fail to impress with FROOT.