Don’t go cryin’ to your mama

Moises Martinez- Cortez, Community Section Editor

Alternative rock band, Paramore, is skyrocketing the music charts with their track “Ain’t It Fun.” The song, which is the fourth off their self-titled album, was released Feb. 4, 2014 and has only recently gotten major radio-play in the U.S. The song incorporates several musical elements such as soul and gospel, which are not typical of the band’s sound. It has received critical reviews ranging from those who find the experimental style remarkable and those who resent the band’s difference in musical direction. The song starts with a sweet xylophone melody and slow-tempo drums which set a soulful atmosphere. Lead-singer Hayley Williams then slides in with a sensual verse shadowed by a springy bass line. The track features lyrics like “So what are you gonna do/ when the world don’t orbit around you?” The chorus also reverberates a sarcastic “ Ain’t it fun?/ Livin’ in the real world/ Ain’t it good?/ Being all alone?” The track represents the feeling of living alone without family or a support network. The lyrics are immensely effective at portraying the band’s growth and their unique connection to their fans’ emotions. The video for the track features the band members breaking what seem like very breakable records, such as running through ten banners and smashing clocks with guitars. The band is currently touring their fourth album across the U.S and will continue until August 2014.