Feels like a coming of age

Moises Martinez- Cortez, Community Section Editor

After nearly a two-year wait, fans are finally getting a glimpse of Foster the People’s new material with their single “Coming of Age.” The song, which was released Jan. 14, will be the lead track in the indie-pop band’s second studio album, Supermodel. Written by Mark Foster and produced by British producer, Paul Epworth, the single has already peaked at number seven in the Billboard Alternative Songs chart and number six on the Billboard Bubbling Hot 100. The track echoes a fresh sound while retaining a certain loyalty to the band’s unmistakable sound. The single engulfs you in its ocean of pop-rock rhythms that conceal a deeply earnest message. It includes lyrics like “Just like an animal I protect my pride/ When I’m too bruised to fight/ And even when I’m wrong I tend to think I’m right.” The lyrics illustrate the conflict felt with admitting fault to a problem.  The chorus of the track reverberates a reflective, “feels like, feels like it’s coming/ Feels like, feels like I’m coming of age.” During an interview with XFM London, a British radio station, Mark Foster admitted the lyrics were inspired by events in his own life. After touring for nearly two years he returned to Ohio realizing the places and people he knew in his town had changed. The music video to the track is definitely one worth watching. It features a collage of memory-like scenes of suburban teens going through what seem like life-changing situations. In the video, a boy confronts a group of bullies and a girl sits alone on a couch as a party ensues around her. The new single has been played recently on radio station Alt. 98.7 and was featured on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon.  Supermodel is set to debut Mar. 14 and will have a total of 11 tracks. At its current popularity rate it is surely going to thrive as one of the top indie-rock albums of 2014.