Building their own Pompeii

Vivian Buenrostro, Co-Editor-in-Cheif

British alternative rock band, Bastille released their single, “Pompeii” on Feb. 24, 2013. The group began promoting their music through YouTube and Facebook. Their fan base expanded rapidly across the UK landing them a record deal with Virgin Records. By reaching No. 1 on the US Alternative Songs Billboard chart, it is safe to say that the group has successfully spread their wings across the Atlantic. Lyrically, the song is inspired by the Roman town known by the same name: Pompeii. The track begins with omnipotent inspired chants followed by modern pop beats. Lead singer Dan Smith sings, “And the walls kept tumbling down/ In the city that we love,” describing somebody standing still, realizing their world is falling apart. Bastille did a slick job of camouflaging the tragic lyrics with a buoyant-like melody. Their album Bad Blood includes twelve tracks and three bonus tracks. It appears that the band’s one of a kind single has assisted them in catching the attention of a new range of people. As the new year arrived, the band got straight to work with the kick off their self-titled 2014 world tour, beginning in January and ending in June.