Come a little closer

Moises Martinez Cortez, Writer/Community Editor

Seeing as there “ain’t no rest for the wicked”, Cage the Elephant is back in the scene with their new song “Come a Little Closer.” The boisterous alternative-rock band went nearly two years since releasing any new tracks, making their new single highly anticipated. Written by lead-singer, Matthew Shultz, the track is the band’s lead single off their third studio album, Melophobia. It was recorded and produced in Nashville, Tennessee by producer Jay Joyce on their RCA label. After garnering active radio play and a broad audience, the track peaked at #1 in the Billboard US Alternative Songs chart. The song starts with a strong bass line, which is overlapped with dreamy strums of the guitar. As it progresses into the chorus, guitarist Lincoln Parish plays a set of long guitar riffs while Shultz sings “Come a little closer then you’ll see/ come on, come on, come on.” Shultz wrote the song after being inspired by the makeshift villas and the people living in them during a stay in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The song continues with two choruses until it hits a bridge that rises steadily while he sings, “Ten thousand people stand alone now/ and in the evening the sun sets.” In the bridge, Shultz sings about what he speculates all those people are thinking or feeling inside those Brazilian villas. The band does a great job at connecting with the common audience through lyrics like “Heartbreaks, the heavy world’s upon your shoulders/ will we burn or we just smolder/ somehow I know I’ll find you there.” The song’s tour video features the band playing in cities like Los Angeles and Matthew Shultz crowd-surfing. Cage the Elephant is currently touring in the United States and abroad in several venues ranging from small local radio shows to larger, better known arenas such as the Olympia Theatre in Dublin, Ireland.