Zombies at Downey

As a fan of the zombie horror television series, The Walking Dead, Kevin Perez, 12, wears a shirt based on the show to display his appreciation for the program. The Walking Dead, which airs on AMC, returned on Sunday, October 13. with a record 16 million viewers who tuned in to watch the fourth season premiere.

Rodas Hailu, Co-Editor-in-Chief

AMC’s post-apocalyptic zombie drama, The Walking Dead, premiered its fourth season on Sunday, Oct. 13 to over 16 million viewers, some of whom include Downey’s own students who have an affinity to the show.

Senior Crystal Vazquez instantly got hooked to the show ever since its first episode premiered.

“I’ve always loved zombies,” Vazquez said, “so when I saw the previews of The Walking Dead for the first season, I got really excited! Watching the first season really got me into the show.”

The show consistently deals with the gory and bloody aspects of a zombie invasion, but there are still scenes that shock viewers.

“So far on the recent episode which is the first episode of season four, one of the survivors gets sick, dies and turns into a walker [a zombie],” Vazquez said. “But there are no explanations on how he got sick. It left me speechless.”

Senior Kevin Perez, who first started watching the show once the second season ended, enjoyed the season premiere of the show on Sunday.

“I loved everything about it,” Perez said. “They showed how the characters developed from season three. The ending was really good because the writers confuse you so you can guess what happens next, but they want you to be wrong so you can get shocked when the real thing happens.”

Perez believes that the unique storylines keep the viewers coming back for more.

“The writers give you the unexpected,” Perez said. “For example, they’ll take a nerdy guy and a tough guy. They’ll always make the nerdy guy get attacked, but he never dies. Then they get the really tough guy kill a lot of zombies, but then he really gets killed by a zombie, so then the nerdy guy survives even longer.”

For senior Angel Hernandez, The Walking Dead has the whole package.

“It pretty much has it all, from the romance to the action,” Hernandez said. “The story lines has several stories all mixed up so you can be dealing with someone being betrayed one moment and then before you know it, a different person reveals some information about another person. Those moments when someone is about to find out leave you completely involved with the show and you just sit there, watching and wondering if they are going to find out today or later on.”

The series premiere of The Walking Dead originally aired in October of 2010. Based on the the comic book by Robert Kirkman, the show’s premise revolves around police officer Rick Grimes, who wakes up from a coma to find that his whole town has succumbed to a zombie attack. Since the premiere of the show, the  popularity and fanbase for the show has grown tremendously in numbers.

Even after breaking a record-number amount of viewers on Sunday, The Walking Dead still has the potential of being a favorite show not just among the Downey High community, but around the world.