Grand Theft Auto Five released after long wait


Juan Munguia

On Tuesday, September 17, Rockstar Games releases the new Grand Theft Auto 5 to entertain gamers. A continuation to the saga that has been around for 16 years, Grand Theft Auto generated 1 million dollars in three days after its release date.

Noemi Lozano, Copy Editor

On Sept.,17, the highly anticipated game series, Grand Theft Auto, released its fifth version to the gaming world.


Within 3 days of the release, the infamous game earned over $1 billion in sales, and despite the negative backlash of animal rights, continues to be praised for its immense amount of action and violence.


Senior Karnel Drake purchased the game two days after its release, hoping it would be an improvement from the fourth version of GTA.


“It’s probably the best game yet,” Drake said. “It has a lot more action than the last 4 games.”


The game is notorious for its display of sexism and violence, but still manages to attract numerous young players.


Freshman Levi Ojeda purchased the game at midnight, the first day it was issued to the public.

“It’s definitely not something I’d play in front of my mom,” Ojeda said.


Although GTAV has gained a sizable amount of positive reviews, it has also received criticism. The game is developing disapproval from animal rights activists, as well as some students, over the animal abuse featured in the video game.


Senior Natalie Campos’ attention was brought to the animal cruelty of the game after her younger brother purchased it.


“It’s crazy how so many people are playing this game without realizing that it’s animal cruelty,” Campos said. “Just because they aren’t physically killing the animals, doesn’t mean it isn’t wrong. I just don’t want it to influence my little brother.”


Although the game is accused of being violent and crude, GTAV has not failed to cause an uproar and become a huge success in the gaming world, continuing to rise in popularity.