Funding for a lifetime of laughs

On March 29, Comedy Sportz members Bryce Caliwag, 12, Miguel Meza, 11, and Marco Arroyo, 11, sit together in the theatre to play the game of Speed Date. The Blue Team beat the Red Team in this Relay for Life fundraising game.

Marilyn Ramirez, Copy Editor/Co-Editor-in-Chief

In addition to their usual routine of comedy and improv, the Comedy Sportz High School League held a special game against each other on March 27 for Relay for Life, donating the proceeds in respect to senior Mario Galvan, who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma last December. T-shirts supporting Galvan were sold and worn by members of both teams. Edwin Arroyo, 12, was in charge of the sales that evening.


“I think what we’re doing is going to really help Mario,” Arroyo said. “We want to get as many people to support what we’re doing so they can see how important he is to us.”


In order for Arroyo’s hope to shine through, the Comedy Sportz team strived to make this game a worthy one. One of the younger members, sophomore Hector Gonzalez of the Blue Team, showed more of his improv talents than usual.


“I had the most fun in Forward and Reverse,” Gonzalez said. “It was fun to just get up there and make everyone laugh, including the other team.”


Although playing as each other’s rivals, there’s a difficulty in controlling the laughter caused by watching the opponent’s performances.


“We’re not supposed to laugh in huge outbursts,” Juan Nuñez, 11, said. “We practice together for an hour and a half each week, so we’re really good friends.”


Captains Javier Navarro, 12, and Marco Arroyo, 11, gave the audience many opportunities to be a part of the performance with skits like Forward and Reverse, where scenes that are acted out are then repeated or continued, Slideshow, a game by which one member of the team narrates the random freeze-frames posed by his allies, and Scantron, where the referee stops the present action and asks the attendees to choose from the team-generated choices on what they’d like to see happen next. The referee of the evening, drama teacher Lars Hansen, maneuvered the game fluidly to keep the laughs going.


“Comedy Sportz is a family show, emphasis on family,” Hansen said. “This is a battle of hilarity; we are against anything that would offend my grandmother.”

This Hollywood-originated sport has influenced Downey further to partake in not only their matches, but in the struggle for finding a cure for cancer. These spontaneous Vikings will continue their theatrics at their next match on April 16.