Addicted to words


Alexandra Menendez

At the start of 2012, the app Four Pictures One Word became known throughout the student body at Downey High. This app not only caught the attention of students but also teachers such as Miss Piho.

Mia Dixon-Slaughter, Co-Editor-in-Cheif

Out of the 46 million mobile apps offered by the App store, the one that has become the new popular game to play is 4 Pics 1 Word. People of all ages are playing the mind-boggling game in which you are shown four pictures that all connect to one word that you are left to guess.


The game continues to draw people in with its puzzles. Some give up after the words start to get harder to decipher, while others persevere towards mastery, something very few have accomplished.


Amber Quesada, 10, was not only one of the few who finished the game, but she completed it in one night.


“I finished the game overnight with only the help of my cousin,” Quesada said. “The game is very addicting and I couldn’t put it down.”


The game becomes an obsession for some; they begin to play in most of their spare time. When a difficult word comes up they turn to their friends and even social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Aron Ramirez, 10, a former 4 Pics 1 Word player, finds the fact that people are using social networks for help defeats the whole purpose of the game.


“I don’t understand why they go to Twitter,” Ramirez said. “There’s no fun in answering if somebody gives you the answer. Its almost like they’re playing the game for you.”


As the difficulty of the app increases, it makes people feel inferior when they can’t figure out the word. This explains why some players of the game feel the need to ask for help anywhere they can get it.


Cindy Bautista, 11, continues to advance in the game but with a great deal of struggle and still doesn’t give up.


“I got stuck on level 257,” Bautista said, “but I can’t give up because I feel like a failure if I stop.”


With its increasing number of downloads, now over five million, 4 Pics 1 Word continues to capture the minds of many by pulling people in with its puzzles.