Lonerism in disguise

Vivian Buenrostro, Co-Editor-in-Cheif

Psychedelic rock band from Australia, Tame Impala released their most recent single “Elephant” from their second album Lonerism in July 2012. The band won Album of the Year in Rolling Stone for a second time. Core member of the band, Kevin Parker has produced a collaboration of relatable sentiments, memorable melodies, and harmonious electric rhythms all wrapped up into a fifty-one-minute album. Contradicting its album title, the album is full of happy pop inspired tunes topped with Parkers raspy high pitched voice. When listened to carefully, however, the lyrics are about sad milestones endured by people, but cannot be noticed right away due to the happy counter melodies. “You know that you’re dreaming about being loved by him/ Too bad your chances are slim” translates to the universal feeling of rejection.  “It’s all about situations with other people and the outside world,” Parker said, “It’s more about that than physical isolation.” The track “Elephant” initially stands out as the kind of tune played for demanding encores from the crowd during festival performances. Interest rose in the US after the track was chosen as the soundtrack for an ad by Blackberry. The track appears to be about someone with a big ego that desires to be known. In the current generation, someone with these traits usually are wealthy and without humility. This is referenced in the word usage of “Cadillac” and “collar” in the song. Tame Impala will be touring regions of Australia in April 2013.