Getting warmer


Celeste Lira

Jonathan Levine’s romantic zombie comedy Warm Bodies premieres on Feb. 1 in national theaters. The film, renowned for being told from a zombie’s perspective, is based on Isaac Marion’s novel of the same name.

Joey Flores , News Editor

Summit Entertainment’s movie portrayal of the teenage love story Warm Bodies, released on Feb. 1, is based off a novel of the same name which has garnered acclaim for it’s quirky love story between a human and a zombie.


Set during a zombie apocalypse, Julie, played by Teresa Palmer, is saved by a zombie who calls himself R, who is played by Nicholas Hoult. After keeping Julie in his home, which is an airplane, R begins to have human-like feelings for Julie and is heartbroken when she yearns for her return to home.


The movie starts off with R’s narration about life as a zombie, which provides an interesting outlook on a zombie’s decisions. He not only gives input on a zombie’s life, but he also talks about what he misses from human life.


One of the biggest twists in the story is that the zombies eventually start to become “warmer.” This means that their human thoughts start to come back after seeing certain things that remind them of their human life. In R’s case, a record player and collection of records by artist including Joni Mitchell and Guns ‘N Roses, provides him with sentiment to his past life. Once he meets Julie, these human feelings become stronger and more prominent.


These positive thoughts are in contrast with the malicious Bonies, who are zombies who have simply given up. They are skeletons who run around and eat anything that have a beating heart. They are the main antagonistic roles in the story, delivering a fun twist on the standard story of the undead.


Julie and R provide great comedic relief together because of R’s unintentional innocence and being naïve. Julie clashes with him with her undying street smart and willingness to kill anything that can potentially threaten her. The actors playing the roles obviously have fun with the role by incorporating the most realistic reactions possible.


Hoult has a great hook on playing the loving zombie by acting through his eyes. His mouth remains agape, but his eyes tell of his fears and his love of things in the zombie world. Palmer is also successful in acting as a terrified girl who eventually comes to terms with her affection for some of the undead. The duo’s chemistry during the movie carries the story along smoothly.


Warm Bodies is a fun story that adds a different twist that expresses unrequited love between a human and a zombie, making a better viewing experience.