How Close?

Official video for "How Close" by Tegan and Sara

Vivian Buenrostro, Co-Editor-in-Cheif

Grammy award winning indie group Tegan and Sara recently released their latest single, “Closer”, Sept. 25 2012. Tegan and Sara Quin are twin sisters born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada that began to learn guitar and write their own songs at age 15. Expecting to release their seventh album by the end of January of this year, it is evident that with never ending passion and dedication for music, this group remains successful. “Tegan and Sara’s music may no longer be the stuff of teens,” Spin Magazine said. A cross between indie and pop, the song has catchy lyrics like “It’s not just all physical,” meaning that judgments don’t have to be made based on looks. “But ‘Closer’ is a full-on electronica assault unlike anything they’ve ever done before,” said. Although Tegan and Sara’s older music includes the familiar mellow indie rhythms and the reoccurring theme of love in their lyrics, this single has much more of a pop rock feel to it. The group has played in festivals around the world including Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, and Coachella. Working with different artists from different genres has inevitably spread their fame across audiences.  Since world tour sellouts aren’t something foreign to Tegan and Sara, their upcoming shows starting January 25 through April 14 are sure to be crowd pleasers.