All that jazz


Vivian Buenrostro, Co-Editor-in-Cheif

On Halloween night, the music department hosted the annual jazz concert that included performances by two different level jazz bands and Jazz Choir.


The concert began at 7:00 p.m. with music teacher Cory Olariu as he introduced a combo group that included junior Neyva Sandoval on bass, junior Kevin Valencia on alto saxophone, and junior Andrew De La Cruz on guitar. The three warmed up the crowd by playing the popular tune “Sidewinder” by Lee Morgan.


Jazz II then took the stage. Although labeled as the lower level jazz band, they didn’t fall short of their performance. “Under the Wine” had more of a swing vibe and included soloist sophomore Juan Medina on tenor saxophone. The next song was a tribute to the King of Pop: Micheal Jackson. Junior Gabriel DeVicente, on trumpet, played out the classic “ABC 123” chorus; the audience recognized it and instinctively joined in on the upbeat claps.


“Even though I’m in band and not in jazz, it’s important to me because [jazz] is still part of the music program,” senior Erica Martinez said.


Jazz Choir went up next with junior Eli Lopez on bass and Mr. Olariu on piano. They performed “Don’t Stop the Music” that featured Maricela Navarro, 9, on a spine-tingling solo. The 13 members sang “New York Afternoon” beginning with soprano singer, Sam Reising, 12, soloed along with David New, 12, Josh Padilla, 12, and beat boxer Diane Navarrez, 12.


“Singing has always been a lot of fun and it’s great to be surrounded by other talented students too,” Padilla said.


Top-level group, Jazz I, closed the concert with three different songs. “Un Calor Seco (A Dry Heat)” had solos from trombone players Anna Diaz, 10, Daniel Ayala, 12, and baritone saxophone player, Matthew Perez, 10.


“My personal motive behind being good in jazz is to be able to impress Mr. Olariu because he’s my role model,” Diaz said, “and I really want him to be proud of me.”


The concert ended with a spunky costume contest that had the audience members determine the overall winner. The jazz groups will continue to show off their hard work and passion for the music. Along the way, Jazz Choir hopes to achieve their future goal of performing “New York Afternoon” in New York City, in the spring.