A little dream


Ashley Lozano

During her free time, Amber Gonzalez, 12, paints vivid, realistic pictures at places like the park. “It calms me down,” Gonzalez said, “It’s a way for me to relax and express my feelings.”

Kaylee Camacho, Public Relations Manager

Since the very young age of 5, senior, Amber Gonzalez has always loved art and known it was her passion, when she painted her first painting at the age of 5 and although she has no particular style, she paints primarily abstract artwork using watercolor. Gonzalez usually doesn’t start painting with a specific goal or meaning in mind; she paints what comes to mind as she portrays her feeling and emotions into her artwork. She loves to paint because it calms her; it’s her form of therapy.


Gonzalez’s favorite and most current piece is titled ‘A Little Dream,’ which features a young girl dressed in a nightgown, riding on top of a sea turtle, swimming and floating endlessly through the night sky. The hours the artist spent are reflected in her work. The painting includes intricate detail, from the stars in the sky to the scales on the sea turtle, and portrays the wild imagination that children have.


“If I could sum up the meaning of this painting it would be the innocence of childhood,” Gonzalez said.


She admits that if she could have a career in painting she would, but it’s primarily a hobby. When asked about her inspiration, Gonzalez quickly stated painter Lora Zombie as her favorite. Zombie’s work is sometimes controversial and carried a strong message behind it, which Gonzalez finds compelling.


“Much of her feelings are put into her work” Gonzalez said, “It’s very inspiring.”


Gonzalez finds this particular artist inspiring because she speaks her mind. Zombie has some very controversial pieces including those questioning the nobility of big corporations such as, McDonalds and Disney. Gonzalez enjoys seeing this kind of artwork it inspires her to think outside the box with her artwork.


The painter has the potential to inspire other with her artwork as well. She even has local fans with people in her classes offering to buy her dreamy, captivating pieces. During her class, she presented her artwork to classmates and received nothing but positive response.  Gonzalez’s classmate and friend, Karina Ramirez, 12, was surprised when she saw her artwork for the first time. When her friend saw her artwork she felt like a child in dreams.


“It’s so peaceful, it makes me want to sleep,” Ramirez said.


Another friend that enjoyed Gonzalez’s artwork is Briana Thomas, senior.


“I think her artwork is very unique and pretty,” Thomas said, “I like the color tones she uses and overall she’s just amazing at what she does.”


Ramirez enjoys Gonzalez’s peaceful and dreamy artwork. Gonzalez has the support of her peers and the potential inspire more people with her artwork like the artists that inspire her. In the future Amber wants to keep painting and with offers made by friends, she can have a potential career in painting.