Let’s hope no one gets slushed


Kaylee Camacho, Public Relations Manager

Fox’s smash hit Glee is on its fourth season with its thousands of viewers, and is now the inspiration for the initiation of Glee Club at Downey High School. Lizbeth Garcia, 12, and Justin Ortiz, 12, were sitting in their chorus class and agreed that they wanted to choose the songs they sang and perform on a wider scale. They succeeded in starting a club with the help of their adviser, Matthew Fell. Auditions were held on Sept. 17th and more than 90 people attended. Each person that auditioned had to sing a song of his or her choice for 30 seconds. Both Garcia and Ortiz knew exactly what they’re looking for.


“We’re looking for somebody that is very enthusiastic and loves to sing,” founder Garcia said.


The co-founder agrees with Garcia, making it easy to pick who they believe are the best singers.


“We’re looking for someone that can sing pretty well and can match pitch,” Ortiz said.


Aside from looking for people who can sing, they desire those who are ready to move their feet as well and that are enthusiastic and ready to make friends. Glee Club might seem competitive because so many people are auditioning, but Garcia will make exceptions for students she sees potential in.


Mr. Fell already does so much for the music department. He teaches choir, music appreciation, and marching band. With so much on his plate he still took on the role of Glee Club adviser. He wants the students to make the club their responsibility and make it their own and he will support them.


“I think it [Glee Club] should reach out the community,” Fell said


On Nov. 17, they will be performing for senior citizens at St. John Bosco High School where they plan to sing classic songs by the Beach Boys and Bill Haley. Garcia and Ortiz have dreams of one day performing at school rallies and assemblies. They’re also planning on performing in Downey’s Best Dance Crew. Clearly, Glee Club is off to a strong start, and with Ortiz and Garcia in charge, they will have no problem succeeding.