Striving for the perfect sound


The Downey High School concert band performs first on Feb. 25, in the Warren gymnasium, for the DUSD Band Spectacular. Warren hosted its first annual band festival where wind ensembles, concert band, and color guards showed what they have been working on for competitions.

, Arts & Entertainment Editor

The Downey High School wind ensemble and concert band took an opportunity to prepare for the Festival season at the DUSD Band Spectacular, hosted by Warren High School on Feb. 25. Along with music groups from Downey High, the event also showcased groups from Warren High School and West Middle School. The bands, percussion ensembles, and color guards each performed their line up in front of an audience of friends, family, and other fellow musicians. Renowned band directors Dr. Anthony Mazzaferro and Josh Roach were also there to give the larger groups a music clinic, to assist them for the upcoming festivals in March.


The Downey High School concert band was first to perform, and with just a couple of weeks to rehearse the songs, their performance was well played, with occasional flaws that kept Mazzaferro busy during the clinic. The director stressed the importance of air quality to the young musicians and worked on stylistic techniques and dynamics that would add flavor to their pieces.


After the concert bands from the three schools performed, the wind ensembles showed off their talents with some more challenging pieces. There was a bit of a showdown between Downey and Warren when both groups performed the Africa: Ceremony, Song  and Ritual. However, at the end of the day, they were connected by their universal love for music and the enjoyment that comes with performing with friends.

“I love being with my friends and evoking emotions to the audience through music,” Warren concert band member Eddie Mendoza said.


The band students at both high schools are have a mutual relationship and a welcoming disposition amongst each other.


“There might be a strong rivalry between the athletes at Downey and Warren; we support and care for each other amongst the band,” junior Danny Ayala said.


This idea is shared with the band community at Downey as music brings more opportunities to make meaningful connections. Warren director David Niemeyer explained his goals to reach out to aspiring young musicians in the city of Downey by forming an all-city youth marching band that would accompany Downey’s float in the annual Rose Parade.


“I think it’s a great opportunity for the community and the students,” Assistant band director Mathew Fell said. “It would be great for people around the world to be able to watch our musicians perform, I’m all for it.”


The transition into concert season makes of a strive for perfection in the smallest detail, and complete dedication to a piece from students. With the spirit of music alive in the hearts of the band kids, they remain focused on what they enjoy most: music.