A ghostly blend of love

Dinorah Acuna, Writer

Following the success of her first single off the Born to Die album, Lana Del Rey released her ghostly blend of love and longing song “Born to Die” in late 2011. The tune has been receiving much attention due to the success and high rank of the previous single “Video Games” on the British singles charts. In the melody, Del Rey gives listeners an insight of her frame of mind as a teenager. She mixes up alternative genres with indie pop, soul, and slight hints of hip-hop. Her beautiful, soft voice sings, “Don’t make me sad/ don’t make me cry/ sometimes love is not enough/ and the road gets tough…” giving the song a feeling of despair, yearning and emotional freedom. The affection in Del Rey’s compassionate and mesmerizing voice and the compelling chorus fills the track with intrigue and mystery with the troubles of young love. Del Rey, with the enchanting and seductive allure to her songs, has divided audiences and critics on what to perceive of her indie pop sound.

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