Taking an adventure to Underworld


For fans and newcomers alike, Underworld has something here for both.  Intense, gory action with a dark tone is a staple of the series’ franchise and the new movie, Awakening, released Jan. 20, does not disappoint.

Lycans and vampires still continue their battle, but in this new installment humans join the fray.  After the discovery of the two species, humans have found a common enemy and attempt to eradicate every single one of the supernatural beings in a “mass cleansing.”  Selene (Kate Beckinsale) returns with her black leather jumpsuit and massive arsenal of weapons to combat her enemies and survive the purge.

In the opening scene, the previous movies are summed up so that movie-goers new to the series and fans both get a sense of the back-story.  This new sequel does not waste any time for the action to begin, for the audience is thrust into the dark, gothic secenery, while Selene tries to escape armed forces that hunt her.   With the use of skillful acrobatic moves, gunfire, and explosions, she escapes the humans and finds her lover, Michael (Scott Speedman). The reunion is cut short when the humans find the couple and separate the two.  The heroine awakes some time later in a laboratory and must once again escape the people trying to hunt her down.  After escaping, she meets a new vampire, David (Theo James). They  team up to fight off some lycans pursuing them and stumble upon a new character, Eve (India Eisley).  Eve had also been in the laboratory with Selene and was the one who had set her free.  David then decides to bring his new partners to his vampire coven but must first escape even more lycans via car.  Selene and David soon learn that Eve is a powerful vampire/lycan hybrid and save her form capture.  Things go aswry when the vampire coven and hide-out  is attacked and Eve gets captured, sending Selene on a new rescue mission.

As usual, Kate Beckinsale portrays her vampires well and gives a charming, believable premormance.  Other actors new to the Underworld movies give strong performances as well.  Theo James and India Eisley both have chemistry with each other as well as Kate Beckinsale and compliment each other nicely.  Stephen Rea is the new villain this time around and his unsuspecting, quiet character is done to a great extent.

Along with the acting, the action scenes and special effects that have made the memorable great return but with a 3D twist.  Unlike another famous series, these vampires are not all about love and drama but instead fighting lycans with swords, guns, and plenty of gore.  The lycans continue to look realistic and grotesque, but the computer-generated effects make the audience believe they are really there and ready to kill.

Writer Len Wiseman has worked on previous Underworld movies and his new script makes fans feel right at home while showing its new fan-base what these movies are all about. The dialogue is overshadowed by action, but when the characters speak it is interesting and alluring.

“I really enjoyed Underworld: Awakening,” sophmoe Shakira Reyes said. “The fight scenes and stunts really draw you in.”