May the fourth be with you

May the fourth be with you

Using the force, Viking student Daniel New strikes down Elmer Milan in a battle of good vs. evil, outside the band room, on May 4, for the celebration of Star Wars’ 30th anniversary. The Star Wars saga has expanded and has influenced people’s lives since the beginning of 1977, profiting up to $4.41 billion and making it the third-highest-grossing film series to this day.

Anais Hinojosa, Arts & Entertainment Assistant

Star Wars mania hit the hallways on May 4 as fans of all grades brought their lightsabers or dressed up as their favorite character in celebration of Intergalactic Star Wars Day. The word about the day solely dedicated to celebrating one of the biggest franchises in the world spread through Facebook as usual, with 118, 800 confirmed reservations and over 13,500 as maybes on the event’s page. Some of the more long-time fans, however, had already been celebrating Star Wars Day within the family years before the uprising of social networking.

“It’s history.” junior Stephanie Mendez said. “I’ve watched the movies and celebrated Star Wars Day since I was little. We’d bake cupcakes and sit around and watch all the movies.”

Apart from hosting movie marathons, students also showed their devotion to Star Wars by strutting around campus with a lightsaber and occasionally partaking in a battle or two.

“Several of my friends brought their lightsabers and we had an epic battle; I even jumped off the stage, it was that awesome,” Junior Julie Izquierdo said. “Star Wars is just that awesome that I don’t care what people think. Later today we are also going to watch some Family Guy Star Wars parodies.”

Even though not everyone was a fan of the franchise, and some people were even a bit hostile to those walking around in costumes, Star Wars Day was fun for more than just the aficionados.

“It’s better than doing nothing on a regular school day, so why not enjoy it and make it fun by dressing up as Star Wars people like Darth Vader?” senior Elmer Milan said.

More mania can be expected because apart from the pun-based fan made holiday, The Los Angeles City Council declared May 25 as the official Star Wars Day, in honor of the release of the very first Star Wars movie in 1977.

Whether it was by wearing their little brother’s t-shirt or battling the Death Star before class, students used the force all throughout the day, making it more than just an ordinary school day for everyone.