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As the 2011 Viking Awards close up on the school year, Ms. Mullen holds a poster competition throughout the month of March; the winner, Irene Saavedra, was announced on April 1. Saavedra’s design will be published for the event and she has also received a gift card with 100 dollars for her winning design.

Mercy Watkins, Writer

Viking Poster Contest Winners seniors Irene Saavedra, Benjamin Garcia and Francisco Concha were announced on March 30. Prizes included a $100 Visa Gift Card, $50 Visa Gift card and $25 Visa Gift card.

German teacher Pamela Mullen created the poster contest to advertise for the Viking Awards. The constestants were required to incorporate each of the six pillars of character into their designs. Ms. Mullen, Mrs. Cordova, Ms. Berumen and Mr. Zegarra chose winners. Over 28 entries were judged and it was a hard choice for the judges.

“We felt that Irene’s poster portrayed the best artistic reflection of the integrity of the Downey Viking Spirit and the Viking Awards,” Mullen said.  “It was a tough call.  There were a lot of good entries.”

Saavedra’s design was based on her perspective of Viking times that took three hours to create. She created a Viking head for each pillar and created a vintage textured wall for the back of her award.

“It took me a while to come up with my design, but I thought about how prestigious the award is and the way I can incorporate pillars into my drawing,” Saavedra said. “In the end I decided to make a Viking head for each of the six pillars and it came out great.”

3rd place winner Francisco Concha incorporated his entry with Greek Mythology. He associated Vikings with Legends of the Greek Universe and decided to combine the two ideas together. He was reminded of the Griffiths Center dome and included a design of its dome into his artwork.

“While I was brainstorming for my poster I kept thinking of Greek Mythology and how I can incorporate it into my design,” Concha said. “In the end I incorporated the idea of the Greek Universe and it turned out well.”

All the winners were given their prizes the day of announcements and prizes were fundraised by ASB.  Mullen hopes that this Viking Awards contest will now be an ongoing part of the Viking awards.