Cupcake entrepreneur

Alejandra Paredes

After watching the Food Network channel during the summer of 2010, Beatrice Gaytan uncovered one of her sweet skills: baking. From then on, she learned more about baking and experimented with different kinds of recipes. As a result, Gaytan detected her natural talent – making cupcakes. Thereafter, she mainly focused on her forte platter.

“I think Beatrice not only has a talent for baking, but it’s something that she really enjoys doing,” Alyssa Mendoza said. “She gets all excited when she finds new recipes and she also tries out different ingredients to see what tastes best.”

The culinarian’s cupcakes have grown in popularity for their unique and delicious taste. Cupcake fanatic, Michelle Cervantes, demonstrates her praise when mentioning how happy the cupcakes make her feel.

“They are really good. If you eat them, you feel happy. They always taste amazing [and] never disappoint.”

Among the pleasing qualities of the cupcakes, the middle section with the most frosting is the part, according to Cervantes.

One of the most requested cupcakes is the red velvet cupcake. Mutually, other flavors like pumpking, blueberry, banana, coffee, and Oreo are equally recommended.

Gaytan enjoys experimenting with many different recipes and looks forward to making some of her own. Already having started her goal, the baker has come up with a recipe for a blueberry-banana cupcake, which her dad adored.

Perhaps the natural talent not only resided in her personality, but in her genes. Gaytan originates from a family much involved in her passion. Role model figures, such as her grandmother, inspired the pastry maker to follow her dreams. From a young age, Gaytan would watch her grandmother cook and bake a number of Mexican dishes. Similarly, on the other side of the family, her aunt owns a bakery in Mexico.

“My family plays a big role in this because with everything I do, they’re always supportive about it,” Gaytan said.

Gaytan’s family supports her skill and assist her success; especially her mother who facilitates the baking process in every way  possible. Very interested in her sister’s accomplishment, Emmalynn Gaytan also wishes to be a part of the family business by helping her sister open a cupcake bakery.

Cupcake fans can look forward to a lifetime of sweet galore as Gaytan hopes to expand her gift by opening her own bakery, named Simpy Spunky Cupcakes.