Photo Club strives to become picture perfect

Mercy Watkins, Staff Writer

The start of second semester brought the beginning of Photo Club a group for people with a passion for photography. The club was reestablished by Yearbook Photo editor Carlos Ontiveros and will meet on Tuesdays in O-2 at 3:10.

Throughout the years Photo Club was not successful because of a lack of interest, but due to the upcoming rise in students with a creative flair this new beginning seems successful. Members are required to bring in an 8×10 or 8×12 picture they have taken in order to join.

“The reason why I require that members bring in the 8×10 pictures is to separate those who want to join and those who are not committed.” Ontiveros said.  “People who are not committed will most likely not bring in their photos because of laziness. ”

Ms. Cordova, the photography teacher in O-2 will be adviser for the upcoming club. Cordova’s photography classes are one of the most requested elective classes throughout the school. While she does try to get as many students into the art as she can, she doesn’t have enough spots in her classes. Excited for the start of this club, she hopes that it will attract those who have questions about photography or those who want to start a career in it.

“My hopes for photo club are that we get all the people that couldn’t get into the classes,” Cordova said. “With enough members, this club will be able to do a lot.”

Ontiveros plans to schedule “photo-walks” where members can walk around different places to practice their photography and get a feel of different places they may or may not have visited before. Places that will be part of the photo walks are Shoreline Village and Downtown Los Angeles. Members will also be able to ask questions about different cameras and their settings for different backgrounds.

“The club will also help aspiring photographers in case they have questions about different camera settings or with different kinds of cameras. “, Ontiveros said.

Photo Club had their first meeting on Feb. 8 and has collected over ten members and it isn’t too late to join. Photo club will also sponsor Photo Contests with different themes and prizes.