Edgar Allan Poe-lay


Taking the role Montresor from Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Cask of Amontillado,” senior Josh Marrero demonstrates his frustration as he takes his revenge on Fortunado. On November 9, Advanced Drama students performed six of Poe’s plays in the first production of the year

Thomas Beltran, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Advanced Drama held their first student directed production on the works of one of the most influential writers of the 1800’s, Edgar Allan Poe in the Downey High School Theater on Nov 9. The lights went dim and the theater became silent.

The play began with narrators telling the story of Poe and building the audience up with a sense of fear, which set the tone for the play. The production featured a variety of Poe’s stories acted out as dramatizations. Short stories like “The Raven” and the “Tell Tale Heart” were the most familiar to the audience.

“It was my first time on stage and I felt nervous at first, but as the play went on I became more comfortable,” said senior and lead actor Josh Marrero.

“The Cask of Amontillado” was the first play to begin the night; senior Josh Marrero began to project the words of Montresor: the narrator who seeks revenge upon his “friend” Fortunato. As the drama department moved on with their reenactment of the horrors of Poe, the audience was drawn in to the suspense that the actors portrayed.

“What I liked about the play is that the cast was very enthusiastic and into their parts,” said junior and audience member Rosie Sanchez. “My favorite part of the play was Crosby Lewis’ hysterical laugh.”

The night ended with the most anticipated short story “The Tell Tale Heart.”  As junior Jeannette Nitao played the unknown narrator and deranged killer, the audience’s attention was drawn to Nitao, nearly everyone jumped in their seats as her characters insanity got the best of her. The night’s goal was fulfilled; the cast walked on stage and the applause filled the room.

“I really liked the turnout of the crowd,” said adviser of Advanced Drama Lars Hansen. “I’m excited for the next production, and we’re working hard to make it even better.”

As the seats became empty and the theater grew silent again, the cast was satisfied with their work, already preparing for the next two days of the on-going production. The next program will be held 6 weeks, as Advanced Drama will be telling the story of an old tale in St. Petersburg.