They roc the bloc


Showing their signature pose, We Roc the Bloc dances in order to create something a new and something their own. Juniors Aaron Valle and Jason Lozano bother belong to a bigger group of dancers, called Dance Generation.

Thomas Beltran, A&E Editor

Dancing has always been a form of expression as it constantly evolves: there are people who are determined to make a certain dance their own. For a few students, they are making a new name for themselves on the web and around town, We Roc The Bloc, a dance group consisting of juniors Aaron Valle and Jason Lozano, has excelled upon a style known as electro dancing and aren’t afraid to show their skill on video websites.

“I had already been dancing for a year or two, and Jason saw me, and as we started to hang out more, the group just ended up forming,” said Valle.

Other than dancing, the group produces videos that also have elements of creative filming. Not only do they take the time to choreograph their whole routine, they also have an editor who takes the time to make their videos as unique as possible.

“I find their dancing pretty awesome, they get better every time we meet up or shoot a video,” junior and cinematographer Salvador Torres explains. “I learned editing from just making videos, and slowly I got better, we all contribute to the video in some way which makes the experience that much better.”

We Roc the Bloc is not only a dance group in the city of Downey, but they are  part of a bigger community. WRB is part of a nationwide group of electro dancers called Dance Generation USA. This progressive style of dancing is quickly becoming a notable style.

“When we started, we just wanted to create a group that did our type of dance,” said Lozano. “There’s no purpose to it, we just do it for fun, but when I look back at the videos it makes me feel accomplished and I’m satisfied.”

Electro dancing has been a growing trend in Europe and is now influencing the dance culture here in the states. Younger generation of dancers in the US like Valle and Lozano, encourage this dance movement. With groups like WRB there is no doubt electro dancing is not stopping its train of popularity and explosiveness, influencing viewers and other dancers along the way.