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    Mario Arroyo SeniorOct 27, 2010 at 5:05 PM

    Well , I would like to say thank you to Downey High and their Journalist that took the time to interview my boys . I am the proud parent of Mario and Marco Arroyo . Their music hobby / carrer is a blessing to our home . Our kids are out of the streets and at home being productive . I wish other parents could share the same joy I do . At first it was noise but now it is music to my ears . I attended Downey High in 1989-1990 and that was it. I was a father at 16 years old and did what many parents fear… Drop out of school to support my baby girl Sarah Marie Arroyo which graduated in 2009 and is now attending The Art Institute of Orange County …” Web Design” I am grateful that I can afford to pay my daughter’s school. I was not the best teenage father but stuch it through and after 4 kids spread 3 years apart I can now enjoy them and realize how much of my youth just vanished before my eyes . Where did my youth go . I do not regret my actions because I was lucky to of landed on my feet every time i was dropped . This is not a testimony to inspire young adults to quit school and everything should be fine but to sherish your youth and take your time and tell your parents that you will make them proud and FOLLOW THROUGH with your comitments .
    Thank you,

    Mario Arroyo Sr. 36 years old

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