A cultural change


Grupo Comandante practices on October 17 at Mario and Marco Arroyo’s house for their next performence which would be on October 23. The boys practiced while family member watched and enjoyed the music coming from their backyard.

Wendy Mora, Writer

Marco Arroyo, Gonzalo Galvan, Mario Arroyo, and Luis Padilla have a love of Northeaña music and one common dream, they desire to meet in the future of becoming a famous band. These boys have been determined to meet their goal since March 2010 with the birth of Grupo Comandante.

“Mainly it was the idea of my brother, Mario Arroyo, who had been looking for a job and came to me and my friends with a business idea about starting a band,” freshman Marco Arroyo said. “ Since we all loved the music, had the ambition to want to make money, and especially the time to do it, we said ‘why not?’”

Grupo Comandante then set out to find a teacher who would give them lessons to learn how to play instruments. Galvan learned to play the drums, while Marco Arroyo played the electric guitar. Mario Arroyo plays the00 bajo sexto and Padilla plays the accordion. The puzzle pieces soon began to fall into place as they started to perform for all different occasions such as birthday parties, quinceñeras, sweet sixteen’s, baptisms, or family parties. They also preformed at the rally stage during lunch on Mexico’s Independence Day.

“We are all really looking forward into making a good business.” senior Gonzalo Galvan said, “That’s our main goal.”

Grupo Comandante also made business cards, so they can start publicizing their band. They hope that soon the entire school would know about them. Currently, they are in the process of making a CD and anticipate on having it by this June.  This CD would have all the songs they have made as a band and a few extra bonus tracks. Students that have already heard a few of their songs enjoy listening to them when the crave the upbeat Latin music these boys have composed.

“I’ve been to a few of their gigs and they’re really good!” junior Justin Dimas said, “I especially love to dance to it at parties.”

Northeña music could range from any type of genera of music such as corridos to cumbias. Grupo Comandante wish to one day fulfill their yearning to accomplish this aspiration of passion they have for this music and to also keep their heritage or backgrounds alive for the kids of today.