Summer Music Breeze and Ease

Thomas Beltran

Along with the new school year, there is a new wave of music being released, yet the songs of summer still linger in the air. New artists such as Justin Bieber rose to fame in what felt like a day, to native indie bands such as Best Coast that play waves of guitar riffs that can make any gloomy day feel like the middle of July. Hit songs like “California Girls” was the epitome for the feel good hit of summer and “OMG” by Usher  seemed to be nothing but relentless toward topping the charts. Besides singers and performers, festivals such as FYF, Warped Tour, and the Electric Daisy Carnival that have become recently famous in the local music scenes, left their own imprint last season.

“My opinion on this summer’s music is that it’s nothing I really want to listen to as far as mainstream music goes,” senior Joseph Jordon said, “the music I listened to this summer was stuff you don’t hear on the major radio stations.”

Aside from bands, singers, and performers, techno music has been a highlighted genre for music recently and with the festivals that were put on this summer, it is no wonder why it has become a trend. From the Electric Daisy Carnival selling out the Coliseum to Hard Summer’s festive-party get down in the Los Angeles State Historic Park, techno music festivals played a big role in summer music.

“I didn’t really like any of the music they played on the radio,” freshman Ronald Ellison said. “I listened lots of different techno this summer.”

From Gaga’s hits to Bruno Mars’ Billionare, summer was really impacted by different genres of music stretching varieties for listeners.  Summer acts as a season for music to reshape, yet when school starts and new years are on eve, the music business is opening up a wide supply of fresh music that leaves blograts and listeners in awe