The Man Behind BVB International

Mercy Watkins

Since mid- June Hector Navarro has been running a website for post- hardcore band Black Veil Brides named Black Veil Brides International, it gained 2000 members in only 2 months.

BVB international was made to highlight news and demolish rumors about the band. The website also includes band tour dates, release dates for new merchandise and a forum for fans. Navarro runs the website with two co- editors: Alicia Vigil and Jill Brailey. The forum is separated into army- like categories. People who post a lot on the forums are moved to high ranks like general and corporal while people who have only posted a few times stay at private.

“We call ourselves the BVB army so that’s how I wanted to set up the forums,” Navarro said.

The whole site only took two weeks for Navarro to make. Navarro uses Photoshop to edit pictures and backgrounds for the site with the band’s permission Navarro has even made a column named “Spotlight” to highlight fan art made for the band. Every few months Navarro meets with the band to discuss new merchandise coming out, new albums and new songs to be released.

“I made the website, knowing that an official fan site was needed. Black Veil Brides international is probably the only fan site of Black Veil Brides with real updated information and not just gossip. It’s a reliable source that I am proud to administrate,” Navarro said.

Navarro first met BVB in May when he participated in a music video for the band. That’s where he met his co-editor’s Vigil and Brailey.  Since the video shoot, they talked about ways they wanted to advertise the band. When the site was then made Stephanie Mendez a longtime friend of Navarro started to explore it.

“Hector was always creative with what he did, whether it was photoshoping pictures or even the site he made. I think the site is awesome and it’s going to be a huge success,” Mendez said.

Currently Navarro has signed up for Mr. Speakmen’s animation class to help improve his knowledge of Photoshop, Microsoft Fireworks program and ways of making banners for the site. The website recently has over 2000 members and is still gaining.  The goal for September is to get to 3000 members.