A recipe for success

Vanessa Rosas

During the mid-year retirement faculty meeting, Ms. Lizardi’s culinary arts students impressed the Fine Arts program with their professionalism and with food they served. Their invitation to participate in the Fine Arts and Hors d’oeuvres program set for early June wasn’t the only thing to celebrate for these students. The kitchen stations they work in everyday were refurbished by students in the construction technology program run by Mr. Appel. Not only did this mean their days of being cautious for splinters were done, this renovation impacted the students experience in the classroom entirely.

“The colors are more alive and help me feel more comfortable in my kitchen. The nicer it is, the more it makes me want to do my best,” senior Annika Vega said.

Each student is assigned to their own kitchen station at the beginning of the year and they believe this change will benefit culinary arts students in the future.

Their positive attitudes and ability to work well as a whole are among a few of the strengths this class possesses. With an open and hardworking environment, students have been able to reach their full potential.

“Ms. Lizardi is really cool and always willing to help and steer us in the right direction if we can improve something,” senior Diego Trigueros said. “It helps that she’s always giving us tips or compliments on our food.”

Like previous years, the culinary art students will be preparing a luncheon for 35 faculty and staff members. They will also be making frozen Banana Bites with a variety of coatings for the annual Family Fun Night in May.

“It’s a lot of pressure and sometimes it’s frustrating when I can’t get things just right, but I know that I can always ask for help and people in this class will always have my back,” senior Daniel Otey.

For a few students in Foods 3, this is the first step in pursuing their hopes in turning food into a career.