Jonas gone solo

Wendy Mora

Nick Jonas decided to go solo 6 months ago after being on tour with the Jonas Brothers, starting his own band called, “Nick and the Administration”, with his first leading album titled, “Who am I”. He got the name of the band from being called “Mr. President”, by his brothers Joe and Kevin Jonas. Many fans support his new solo career, but others oppose of the idea and say that he shouldn’t if he’s already in a band. Many don’t know that Nick Jerry Jonas was once a solo artist. By the age of 6 he starred in Broadway productions such as “A Christmas Carol” etc.
Freshman Nicole Lodermeire says, “It’s dumb, I don’t know why he is going solo if he is perfectly fine with his brothers starring in The Jonas Brothers.”
“Nick and the Administration” attracts a younger audience much like the fans from Disney Channel. Disney wanted Nick to be a solo artist, but quickly refrained from the idea when he saw him perform with his brothers. His new career lets him do so and continue to pursue his dream of writing and playing his own music.
“I love Nick Jonas. Going solo is the best thing for his career since he would do most of the song and music writing either way,” says freshman Amber Gonzales.
Some may say they have out grown Disney characters or artist because they’ve “grown up”. In this case the majority of album buyers were from freshman and younger grade levels. Although this is true, there is still a variety of teens that don’t fit into the category and still buy and enjoy his new album. Songs in this album are heard to be very inspirational and have a good message to them.
Freshman Brianna Garcia says, “Nick Jonas’s new album have amazing song and lyrics which I love to listen to. His songs are a little different than the Jonas Brothers, but they’re still great.”
This album is pop, but still with a hint of Disney and a mixture of Nick Jonas’s own style. Fans that liked the Jonas Brothers would like “Nick and the Administration” because it reaches out to many kids and teens in ways they too can relate to.