Winter: west coast style

Sarah Menendez

Diving into winter, students take cold days as a chance to show off their latest looks from colorful coats to bustling boots– all with a warm California twist. Although this season may be a time strictly for cozy fur and the heat of multi-layering in other locations, the city of Downey has both chilly and sunny days. This fortunate climate leaves students with the wonderful versatility of west coast fashion.

Although many looks have been carried through from the previous winter, some trends have died out. The flashy and bold neon colors that painted the campus last year have faded. Even though some people thought these vibrant pieces of jewelry would never die out, students have finally grown out of them and turned their attention to neutral and metallic accessories. Also, it seems that the UGG boots that so many held dear have lost their luster with the appearance of newer, fresher shoes, such as leather boots and rain boots.

This time of year brings out the best in Viking style with popular looks for girls including: buckled leather ankle boots, high waist and bustling skirts, floral and lace prints, leather jackets, casual cardigans, and of course–skinny jeans. However, it’s not only the girls making a fashion statement. Across campus, menswear is evolving with pieces such as flannels, messenger bags, Members Only jackets, earrings, cardigans, and unisex leather jackets. Both genders tend to have reoccurring trends when it comes down to this season, but in reality, everyone has to bundle up somehow—and look chic, too.

“Winter fashion is conformable and can be very simple like long sleeved shirts,” freshmen Caleb Mukathe said, “but, fashion is anything you want it to be.”

Of course not every winter day in Downey calls for jackets and scarves. Many days are sunny, therefore giving students more opportunity for versatility with their wardrobe.

“I like to take summer dresses and add leggings and boots, maybe even a cardigan,” junior Jasmine Rivers said. “It’s a great way to make a classic summer piece fit for winter.”

Rivers adds that accessories are key when trying to create a unique Californian winter outfit.

However, not all students are content with wearing winter clothing in 78 degree weather. Some fashionistas, like senior Monet Mois, wish it were colder in order to wear traditional winter apparel.

“I love coats–I want to live back east,” Mois said, “so, I try to incorporate New York fashion and London fashion because they always have cute coats and boots.”

Mois adds that with this weather, students are lucky if they get one rainy day. As true as that may be, stylish students still prove that they can incorporate predominantly eastern fashion into their west coast flare and look just as chic. Trend spotters can only wonder what is to come next season!