Little splashes of color

Wendy Mora

A new teen pop culture fashion statement is out with rave beads, also known as “Kandi,” which has all the teens wanting more. Theses bracelets represent friendships with new people you meet. They are often brightly colored and are passed on at raves because they are fashion forward in the rave scene. Kandi is usually homemade with plastic beads that have a variety of luminous colors. Sometimes creative ravers add extra fluff to their bracelets like attaching a pacifier to them.

The more bracelets you have often depend on how many raves you attended, you may also have friends who give you bracelets. Kandi sometimes has the person’s name on them in bead letters so you won’t forget them.

“I wear them because of what they resemble, even if I don’t ever have a chance to see the new people I’ve met ever again,” says Joey Reyes. “It’s the memory that counts.”

When you exchange bracelets at a rave there is a specific way to trade called a “Kandi Kiss.”

“I’ve always wanted to learn how to do a Kandi kisses, but it’s actually very difficult to do,” says freshman Brianna Delatorre.

Kandies have been known to be very popular amongst students and continue to be a colorful fashion statement.