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04/27/2020: “This topic about coronavirus is a bit alarming since it has spread worldwide.  While some people are worried and taking precautions, others have decided to stay calm and pretend that nothing is going on, as is the  case in Nicaragua.  Currently, the president of Nicaragua has been taking this very lightly. Our country is not on quarantine and everyone is still going to work as if nothing is happening. The only thing left for us to do is to take care of ourselves and to take our own measures for protection such as using masks, gloves and continually washing our hands. The government did not issue the safer at home ordinance for public schools so students are still going to school. However, in the private schools, parents have taken the initiative not to send their children to school and they are receiving their education online. Private companies have also taken measures to keep their clients safe.  Some companies have placed sinks outside their buildings, or have provided access to hand sanitizers. Some companies have also provided masks to their employees. The situation in our country is quite alarming because even when we might hear of one or two reported cases of COVID-19, it is not long before they are quickly discredited saying that they were false reports. The country is not displaying the true numbers of cases with COVID-19 to avoid panic in the country and doctors are not allowed to disclose that information publicly.”

Nicaragua Denies The Persistence Of Covid

Natalie Ramirez, Photographer May 23, 2020

Managua, Nicaragua. All photos provided by interviewees.

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