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Giving Birth In Quarantine

4/25/20: “It’s scary because over the news you hear about people dying. I was scared and I wore a face mask. Only one person was allowed into the room unlike my last pregnancy, [so] I was so happy to come home. It’s difficult because we have to tell people no they can’t see the baby as a precaution to not get her sick. They’re seeing the baby through videos, Facetime, and it’s crazy! I’m panicked; it’s really hard to do everything (anybody can get her sick) - emotionally draining.”

Jocelyn Rosillo, Writer

May 25, 2020

Compton, California, U.S. All photos provided by interviewees. 

Counselor, teacher, coach, friend

In the beginning of November, counselor, Mrs. Sanders took maternity leave, leaving English teacher, Mrs. Sims in charge of her responsibilities guiding students in their academic paths.  “Baby steps,” Mrs. Sims said, “I have to learn everything all over again like a student.”

Joey Flores, News Editor

December 7, 2012

Starting in November, English teacher Andrea Sims is substituting as counselor for her friend, Nicole Sanders, who is out on maternity leave. She will cover for Sanders for two to three months in bungalow seven.   Sims is the varsity girls volleyball coach, an English teacher, and now a temporary...

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