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Donut Ranking

November 16, 2019

Today's podcast will be on the ranking of popular donuts in the following donut shops; Krispy Kreme, Randys Donuts, Yum Yum, ABC'S, Dunkins Donuts, and Donas. These shops are restricted to areas near us We will be ranking them on the following: taste, texture, price, overall feeling.

“In math class I’d be like that student that everyone else would go to.”

Amanda Davila, Staff Writer

March 18, 2016

Focusing on earning his masters at CSULB, math teacher, Mr. Navarro, is currently enrolled in a higher-level calculus class and a leadership class to pursue his idea of becoming a college professor.

“You guys have a lot of issues.”

Esmeralda Martinez and Chelsea Mendoza

February 16, 2016

Mr. Jones, Downey High School teacher, has lived through hardships and prosperous times. Mr. Jones’ shares his perspective on the present generations and shares a word of advise for the future generation.

“I … consider myself their life coach”

Karla Ramirez and Melissa Hernandez

February 16, 2016

Downey High School Spanish teacher, Bonnie Roybal, speaks about her 6 Step Plan for life, and how it can truly benefit the outcome of your life.

“His name means ‘Great Traveler.’”

Jazlyn Contreras and Lidia Rios

February 16, 2016

In the night of a 2015 Halloween party, Mrs. Hudson, World History teacher, was in costume when she unexpectedly felt her water break, thus ending the night to rush to the Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and give birth to her premature baby, who was supposed to be due in December.

“First bird we shot, we almost threw up.”

“First bird we shot, we almost threw up.”

Alex Castillo and Brandon Guerrero

February 3, 2016

Mr. Witkin and Mr. Thompkins talk about their hunting trips within the past few months along with some memorable moments and their long-time appreciation for nature and the many things it has to offer.

“I felt like I left [cheer] on a high note.”

Sabrina Picou and Fernando Mandujano

February 3, 2016

Quiairah Perkins, 12, explains why she was in cheer her first three years of high school but decided to take it easy and not return to cheer her senior year.

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