The Downey Legend

What started off as an unorthodox idea became a reality for junior, Serenity Reynoso, who was inspired by fashion designer Coco Chanel to wear a pantsuit to Prom. “Coco Chanel brought back the suit and believed that women should comfortable if men can be comfortable,” Reynoso said. “One of the main reasons [I wore a pantsuit] was because I don’t really like dresses and plus it’s Prom and most girls will wear dresses so I thought it’d be fun to wear a pantsuit.” Senior, Aaron Leon, who was also Reynoso’s date, felt ecstatic to stand out from the crowd at Prom and know that his date was comfortable and happy. “It was an idea that I had, that we should both go in suits. She had been wanting to wear a suit, so it was the perfect opportunity for her to do that,” Leon said. “She’s different in a good way. She was the only one there that I saw with a women’s suit and she got a lot of compliments; it was all positive.”

A Night To Remember

Dianna Jimenez and Angelica Fregoso May 31, 2016

Dancing, memories, and tradition are three words that describe the event long-awaited by high school students – Prom, which occurred for Downey High School’s student body on the 21st of May at...

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A Night to Remember