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Areli Dominguez

Areli Dominguez, Co-Photo Editor

As her final year begins at Downey High School, Areli Dominguez, 17, joins Newspaper as a new-coming photographer. Her interest for photography started last year in Photojournalism and Yearbook and she has loved it ever since. “I like that you can show your own point of view,” Dominguez said. She learned a lot within Yearbook, but she knows that Newspaper will be different and new and hopefully a challenge. She knows that at times it may be difficult, but she is hard working and motivated. Her main goals for this year are to keep on task and be proud of her own work.

She moved to Downey in the fourth grade and has been here ever since. Dominguez likes to draw, sing and do photography. She has two dogs named Casper and Oreo, who she loves to play with and be around. She hopes to attend Long Beach Community College in the next fall semester, but is unsure of what she wants to major in. In 5 years from now she has high hopes of to start a new job, and have the same friends from high school and other aspects of her life. When it comes to her friends or family she has a very caring heart. “I am a trustworthy, whether it is big or small, I for sure won’t tell anybody,” Dominguez stated. In her spare time, she likes to listen to bachata and eat sour patches, which is her favorite candy. She does not play sports now but when she was younger she played volleyball and swim. Her role models are her parents because they struggled to makes things work. She hopes to achieve greatness this upcoming year.

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Areli Dominguez