5 Questions with Mr. Tyner

Areli Dominguez, Co-Photo Editor

Assistant Principal Mr. Tyner talks about his job and the responsibilities that comes with his profession.

Q1: Do students acknowledge you just as much as they acknowledge Mr. Houts? Why do you think that is?

A1: Probably not since they know Mr. Houts. He’s always walking around and being involved with the students; while I’m usually stuck on the second floor in the Annex.

Q2: Did you always work here in Downey?

A2: I actually graduated from Warren and have been teaching/administrating for about 13 years. I had then later transferred to Downey and enjoy it more being here than I had in Warren.

Q3: What has been a good memory from this school year so far?

A3: Pep rallies and events where students come together and show what a great student body the school has. I enjoy any moment where students enjoy and have strong pride for their school.

Q4: What’s something people don’t really know about you?

A4: They don’t know I like to have fun and joke around. The students see me as a serious person because I deal with discipline, but I try to have a good time.

Q5: How would you describe your job as an assistant principal?

A5: I would describe it as busy. Something is always going on, but I feel like the students appreciate what we do [annex faculty members]. They’re not always happy to see us, but we always treat them with respect and try to get to know students everyday.