Electing for the next school year


Bianca Salgado

Stopping by the ASB window, Selena Corral, 11, casts her vote for the 2013-2014 ASB Student Council during A lunch. “I helped a friend of mine out by spreading the word on Twitter and Instagram because I feel he would be a great candidate for ASB,” Corral said

Joey Flores, News Editor

With three months until the end of the year, the next round of elections for ASB positions for the 2013-2014 school year took place from March 26 to March 28.


The candidates are competing not only for the titles, but also for the responsibility over issues they would like to change. Jerry Rivas, 11, is one of those who would like to see modifications.


“I’ve been in ASB since freshman year,” Rivas said, “and I love it, so I’d like to come back. I just feel like since I have all that experience, then I should run because I think experience is best.”


Rivas is running for the vice president position against Marjan Abubo, 11, and has campaigned by getting support from other students both through face to face conversations and social networking. His campaign against Abubo, who is another member with experience in ASB, is moving along through the self promotion of giving out pins, cards, flags, and by putting up posters. The race for vice president is almost as tight as the race for junior class president and vice president.


Julia Fanua, 10, and her running mate, sophomore Eleni Makaafi, are competing to be heads of their future junior class against two other pairs.


“I decided to run because I was inspired by the many ASB students,” Fanua said. “I want to be a role model that students can turn to. I want to help lead Downey High with not only my ideas, but also with the creative ideas of the many unique Vikings at Downey.”


Fanua and her running mate are new to the ASB setting, and they’d like to get as many votes as possible to show the school what they’ve got. For the junior class, they wish to raise over $1,200 by not only selling shirts as done in the past, but also by creating fun events that will reward participants with a prize. Makaafi and Fanua are competing against sophomores Raul Varela and Lizeth Romero,  and Andrew Sanchez, 10, with Amy Caro, 10.


Competition is not fierce in all positions, however. Candidates going unopposed are Priscilla Rolon, 10, for secretary and freshmen Catherine Ham and Carlos Agredano, who are running for president and vice president of the future sophomore class.


Though those Vikes are lucky enough to have an almost guaranteed spot, students also like to see competition. Junior Gregory Watson is one of those students.


“I like how they campaigned and fought for the top spot,” Watson said. “It’s pretty cool that they were actually trying to win. It’s interesting to see to me.”


Watson was one of many who lined up to vote for their next school board. On the first day of voting, about twenty other people tried to submit their votes in one lunch. Watson also said that

he along with other students, were there to show their support for the candidates that they knew personally.


The races are moving along, and the underclassmen of Downey High School are eager to see which Vikes will represent their school on ASB for the next year.