The Biden Administration Became the Very Thing They Sought to Destroy

Rebeca Leon, Business

Broken promises and false hopes, something that the Biden administration is familiar with doing. During his campaign, Joe Biden vouched to undo the harmful policies passed by the Trump administration toward immigrants. He publicly condemned these acts, and gave hope to immigrants that things would get better under his presidency. However, this is not the case. The Biden administration is now part of the long line of presidents that have failed immigrants.


Biden’s plan to reform immigration first failed when the Senate blocked Democrats’ plan to incorporate a pathway into legal status into their social spending plan on the 19 of September. Republicans hold a majority of the Senate; this means that any future attempts of immigration reforms will be rejected. In 2014, when Barack Obama was president, the Senate rejected 500 bills of his. Even bills that would eventually benefit the working class. Biden is not an exception to this pattern. Biden, and any other politician, must stop making legalisation promises that they cannot keep. 


Even when in control, Biden still continues to lie. Starting October first of this year, the Covid vaccine will be required for immigrants applying to immigrate to the US.  This comes from a place of privilege and only seeing this through the perspective of a first-world country. Making the vaccine required will only make it harder for immigrants to come to the US legally. Immigrants do not have easy access to vaccination like the US does, and to expect them to meet this requirement is completely absurd. Only 1% of people in low-income countries have been given at least one dose, and this percentage will not be getting bigger anytime soon. People in poor countries are expected to wait 2 more years to get vaccinated. This means the process of immigration has been put on hold for many; causing for many to escape their current living conditions.


Intentional or not, this policy negatively targets immigrants. For an administration that promised to make the process easier, has only continued to contradict itself. People immigrating to the US are not wealthy, are not powerful, and certainly do not possess the resources necessary to legally come. What happened to helping those who need help? The bigger picture is not being seen, and once again helpless immigrants are the ones getting harmed.


Biden administration, do better. The lives of real people are on the line here. Once again, democrats are demonstrating they are no better than their counterpart party.